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A Spot for Squishy Face Dogs


Welcome-I am so glad that you stopped by!

I am Kim MacDonald and have been an owner and

lover of Boston Terriers for the past 15 years.

Owning my first Boston taught me ALOT about 

flat-faced dogs, but my next two puppies have 

taught me even more! 

Stanley and Gracie are my two Snore Babies and 

are full of love, fun, energy, and snoring! My husband and I also have a 3 year old tuxedo cat named Louie, who thinks he is part dog as well.

I started this blog after waking up one morning to find Stanley having chewed his third piece of furniture despite having about a dozen chew toys sitting around him. In my complete frustration, I realized he chewed all three pieces at the same height-about 4 inches from the ground. It hit me that he did not like chewing toys on the ground, because of his short airway making it hard to breathe when he bent his head down. So, I started raising everything up for him and he started doing much better!  It gave me the idea to start sharing information with other flat faced dog owners and thus-Snore Babies was born!!!!

I am not a veterinarian-my day job is as a physical therapist, so I am very invested in health issues for both people and dogs, particularly those cute, squishy, mashed, snorting, beautiful little faces. Having a doctorate in physical therapy has required me to do quite a lot of research over the past twenty years. Therefore my blog focuses on information specifically for flat-faced dogs, using both research and personal experience to address common issues of health and well-being. I recommend my (and their) most favorite products as well.


I started Snore Babies to have a place for building a community of lovers of breeds that have those short little noses. We welcome all dog lovers but we specifically cater to the many breeds in the “flat faced” category by providing information on tips, tricks, health, care, products, and member stories.

I invite you to take a stroll through my website and hope you enjoy being part of our pack!


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