6 Exercises To Strengthen Your Dog's Legs

Boston terrier

Always check with your veterinarian before beginning an exercise program with your dog.

Unfortunately as our beloved pups get become senior dogs they are not always able to move around as easier as they once did. Your once crazy dog who ran zoomies around the dining room table is now starting to move more slowly, walking less, and even possibly having difficulty getting up and down due to leg weakness.

Weakness can come as a part of the natural aging process or due to a disease/problem which requires potential further treatment. There are many possible causes of leg weakness in dogs which include:

· Arthritis

· Injury

· Degenerative myelopathy (a disease of the spinal cord which can be present in any breed, but common in Boxers)

· Herniated disc in back/degenerative disc disease

· Tumor

Pugs can experience a spinal condition which is thought to be unique the breed resulting in rear leg weakness and paralysis.

It is important to identify why the weakness may be occurring, particularly if the weakness comes on suddenly. An evaluation by your vet is essential and can help guide you as to potential treatment options.