3 Tips For Taking Great Photos of Your dog

girl taking photo of french bulldog

As a dog owner, you probably have a phone gallery full of pictures of your pup. Most of us cannot resist snapping away pics of our best buddy at the dog park, on walks, at Halloween, or just laying around the house being absolutely adorable.

Forbes.com reports that nearly 70% of U.S. households have a pet with the majority of those being dogs. There are now actually more people that have pets than have children!

Dog with sleeping infant

With the increase of pet owning households comes an increase in money spent on and time invested in our pets. This can (and often does) equate to A LOT of documentation of their lives with us.

A study by Rover.com found that 65% of people admitted that they took more pictures of their dog than their spouse. These pictures can also be big business as pet influencers are now often outperforming accounts of humans on Instagram as well!

So the bottom line is that we are taking a lot of pictures of our dogs. Sometimes we are looking to catch something that they are doing in the moment and other times we want to capture the perfect shot for a specific purpose-social media, a family photo, or a special event.