5 Crazy Behaviors of Boston Terriers

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Owners of Boston terriers know that they are lively characters, full of personality, and overall pretty hilarious. They bring a lot of joy, love and laughter into their homes. They only average 10 to 25 pounds, but some very entertaining behaviors come out of those little bodies.

Boston terriers are the first non-sporting dog bred in the United States and because of this they have been given the nickname the “American Gentleman”. They were first introduced in 1865 by Robert C. Hooper and were of English bulldog and white English terrier mix. Unfortunately, this mix of dog was bred specifically for fighting. Hooper’s dog, however thankfully was bred with a white female whose breed was unknown. Several generations following this, we had the present day version of a Boston terrier. This breed is now known for being friendly, intelligent, social, and wonderful companions.

These flat-faced beauties also come with their own set of humorous behaviors. It is what makes them-them. Each pup is an individual of course, but there are some quirky behaviors that are seen throughout the breed.

1. Burrowing

Terriers are known to be instinctual burrowers. Even though Boston terriers are not a true terrier, they do carry terrier DNA through their white English terrier heritage. This is likely the reason that they love to burrow. Burrowing allows them to make a comfy spot to snooze, especially when they are working to snuggle up in your bed covers! Boston’s love to be near their humans and burrowing in your blankets is the perfect way to act on their instinctual call and be close to you at the same time.

In addition, temperature regulation can be a bit dicey for Boston terriers due to that short little nose. Being part of the family of brachiocephalic (short head) dogs makes it harder for them to tolerate temperatures that are too hot or cold. Burrowing can help with temperature regulation as well.

Either way, it is adorable to watch them get themselves sorted out in a comfortable spot. Providing them a place to nestle will go a long way to making your pup a very contented one!

Boston terrier sleeping in blanket

2. Licking

Obviously Boston terriers do not have the corner on licking, but it is something very common to the breed. BTs will lick for several reasons, but most owners agree on one thing-they like to lick! They will lick their toys and each other, but the number one favorite subject of licking is their owners (and any guests that may visit). They lick pretty much e